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Market Prices

Market Prices

Market insight begins with market data. See today’s CME Cash Markets, Class III Milk, Whey Futures, Butter Futures, Class IV Milk and much more.

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Save Your Spot: 2014 Cream Symposium

2014-cream-symposiumButter prices have reached record highs this year, with market participants battling seemingly chronic production shortfalls and strong demand. Learn what’s happening today and what’s likely in store for cream and butter in 2015 at the 5th Annual Dairy.com Cream Symposium. We’ll dissect 2014 cream trends and ponder possibilities for 2015. Register Now →

Dairy.com Announces Acquisition of QA Studio

Dairy.com has acquired QA Studio, a quality assurance and food traceability software provider to the dairy industry. Since 1988, QA Studio has helped processing plants manage and monitor quality across the manufacturing process—from raw material receipt to finished goods creation. The addition of Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS) and traceability to its family of software products greatly enhances the Dairy.com technology footprint. Read more →

Dairy.com Releases Industry’s Most Flexible Producer Payroll Solution

Marked by its flexibility, Producer Payroll 2.0 empowers dairy professionals with a highly configurable software solution for delivering better service to producers. Read more →

Just Added: Free Download “How to Choose a Producer Payroll Solution”

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  • “Blimling’s weekly Key Indicators report provides us with a great summary of the week’s financial and commodities markets. Nowhere else can one find this quick read of the factors that affect our industry.”
    Senior Executive  Major Cheese Marketer