FRISCO, TX. – Partners,

We recognize our partners may be facing challenges servicing their customers as they see wild swings in supply and demand, try to keep plants operating, and move milk and other perishable commodities in new directions. If you run into issues at any time, know that we have a dedicated staff of experts available to assist: facilitating access to our large hauler network, offering visibility into latest industry developments, and more.

We remain committed to your success, your strategic vision and if needed, we’re prepared to support any immediate business needs, or challenges.

Together we’re facing disruptions to normal operating procedures as the Covid-19 (C19) threat unfolds. We are all establishing new strategies to mitigate risks to employees and mutual customers. We are all striving to figure out how to balance executing against critical short-term imperatives while still driving continued success.

At, we have taken many proactive measures to ensure our ability to provide uninterrupted best-in-class service to you, your employees, and downstream customers. We have enhanced our already robust remote workforce capabilities, adding new software solutions to our arsenal of tools keeping our staff in constant communication with customers and each other.

Please reach out to your account manager, support staff, or our executive team if we can provide any assistance or offer advice.

In the meantime, the team at our Blimling and Associates division continue to provide clients with timely updates as market conditions change. In case you are not a subscriber, click here to see a special report published on Monday, March 16. If you are interested in setting up a time to discuss current market conditions with someone on the Blimling team, send an email to

Best Regards,

Scott Sexton