Dairy.com is the leading provider of technology, services and intelligence platforms to the dairy industry.

We help our clients deliver nutritious and delicious products to consumers around the world, connecting every stakeholder in the supply chain from farm to table and grass to glass.


Our products are designed to connect the supply chain at all levels, from the farm to the end consumer. Whether you are looking to manage milk on the farm, from the farm to the plant, at the manufacturing plant, or any other stage, we are there to help improve the process.


At Dairy.com, not only do we offer our collection of flagship software, but we also have a variety of services. We maintain ongoing communication with you so that not only are you up and running, but you are also maximizing the performance of the software and leaving no stone unturned in your operations.

Blimling and Associates

Blimling and Associates is your one stop for dairy industry market intelligence, consulting and brokerage services. We offer a variety of publications, reports, insurance coverages, and one-on-one consulting. No one else has as much in-depth experience and knowledge, with a mindset of always looking ahead. So, whether you are looking to manage risk, justify budgets, better understand the dairy markets or hedge to offset potential losses, Blimling & Associates has you covered.

Orbis MES

Orbis MES is a manufacturing intelligence system that works for the dairy, brewing and distilling industries. We have over 20 years of experience in helping plants drive towards zero loss while maximizing quality, efficiency and performance. Orbis MES can also link with other systems to give you real time visibility and allow you to take immediate action in your operations.

“For over 20 years, we have helped our clients make significant improvements to their operations through innovative software solutions, services, and market intelligence.”

Scott Sexton

CEO, Dairy.com


By the Numbers

250 employees, and growing

five offices across two continents

five continents using Dairy.com solutions


80% of the Dairy Foods' Top 100 is served by Dairy.com

100 billion pounds of milk moves through Dairy.com annually

six mergers and acquisitions, and counting