Special Report Offers Key Data, Analysis For Dairy and Food Companies 

 JULY 28, 2020 – Blimling and Associates released its latest quarterly special report, highlighting the state of the U.S. freight and trucking industries. “A Rough Road Ahead” gives an in-depth look at factors continuing to impact domestic haulers and carriers moving milk, dairy products and other foodstuffs. 

The report examines how the spread of COVID-19, along with trade headwinds, reduced freight demand and rates during the second quarter. It also examines how trucking companies have reacted and forecasts when shipment activity may return to pre-virus levels. 

Additionally, “A Rough Road Ahead” delves into ongoing operating costs battering carrier profits. Driver turnover and insurance costs continue to cause concerns. Volatile oil and diesel prices are also creating questions around shipment costs. Those factors all have downstream implications for dairy and food companies. 

Beyond economic factors, the report studies new technologies changing the freight industry, including the rise of Electronic Logging Devices. It also looks ahead at how fuel-efficient and autonomous vehicles could re-shape the way goods move across the country. 

Using in-depth research and reports from freight industry contacts, the report forecasts how the sector will continue to change through 2020 and into 2021. It also ties in overarching impacts to the dairy industry. 

“No one in the dairy supply chain can hide from transportation,” said Phil Plourd, President of Blimling and Associates. “Freight availability and cost touches just about everyone, with potentially profound impact on profitability. This report provides concrete information on prevailing trends and offers our take on things will evolve in the months ahead.” 

A copy of the report is available at www.dairy.com/special-reports and does not require a subscription to download. 

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