Commodity Management

Plan, trade, move and settle bulk dairy ingredients with’s Trading Exchange.

Tap into the Trading Exchange to market or procure the right products, at the right time, for the right price.

Imagine having access to dozens and dozens of dairy trading partners at your fingertips. Imagine sourcing tanker transportation with a few mouse clicks. Imagine a system featuring the ability to include or exclude trading partners and automatically settle transactions.

The Trading Exchange continues to deliver liquidity, transparency and immediacy for over two decades. It is the industry standard for generating unmatched efficiency and boosting profitability.

Save time and improve results today!


Scheduling and Spot Trading

Plan, update, settle and transport bulk dairy ingredients on one collaborative platform.

The Trading Exchange brings buyers and sellers into a single marketplace for price discovery and commerce. Manage contract movements and spot trades each week from a central location. Use the system to automatically settle test and weights.

With you will:

  • Have access to instant supply or demand postings
  • Closely and quickly balance supply and demand with a few mouse clicks
  • Gain instant nationwide access to bids and offers
  • Negotiate deals with an intuitive interface and real-time matching engine
  • Make schedule changes on the fly with our smart notification engine
  • Access a proprietary cream price index for benchmarking

Everything you need to optimize movements is at your fingertips!

Transportation Management

Cream and bulk intermediate transactions do not end with the trade. also provides a fully integrated transportation market, making it easy to manage logistics. Shippers can rapidly perform transportation price discovery with the click of a button – an invaluable tool when looking to move perishable products.

Once users key in origin and destination zip codes, shippers have immediate access to hundreds of hauling companies across the nation. Shippers and haulers benefit from instant insight into transportation supply and demand through our secure marketplace that’s open 24/7/365.

  • Simple online negotiation platform for the best available freight rates
  • Reduce freight rates up to 50% through uncovering backhaul opportunities
  • Instantly post transportation requests directly from commodity schedules
  • Simultaneously post transportation requests to hundreds of hauling companies
  • Efficiently fill empty miles and put an end to expensive “deadheads”

Thousands of loads trade over’s platform each week. Learn more.


Make manual settlement a thing of the past.

The Settlement module kicks in as soon as loads deliver. Sellers enter actual weights and tests on one end. Buyers enter actual weights and tests upon receipt. takes care of the rest by auto-settling loads within defined parameters, saving hundreds of hours on the phone, and eliminating gamesmanship while boosting confidence.

  • Automatically settle using pre-defined parameters and tolerances
  • Eliminate time-consuming, mundane work
  • Improve productivity and leverage technology on every transaction
  • Free up accounting functions for more value-added work
  • Integrate settled and priced load information directly into your ERP

Learn how over 90% of cream loads settle automatically on without human intervention.

Multiparty Functionality

Powerful Tools for Brokers, Traders, and Large Enterprises.

If you are a broker/trader or manage a large, multi-plant network, we have specialized tools that make the job easier. Functionality within the trading exchange helps brokers and traders manage trades with ease – making it possible to manage back-to-back transactions.

  • Cream brokering between three parties
  • Commodity pool management to blend prices across a network
  • Transportation benchmarking by region

Ask how our tools can help you manage your day-to-day transactions.

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