Dairy.com announced today the industry release of its online Cheese Scheduling application. Cheese Scheduling is a Software-as-a-Service solution that enables superior management and control of complex cheese flows across networks of internal and external cheese production locations, storage facilities, and cut and wrap/packaging operations. It has been fully implemented by Kraft Foods and Kraft’s entire cheese supplier and carrier network.

Al Zolin, Kraft Foods’ Director of Cheese and Dairy Procurement, stated, “With hundreds of cheese styles and dozens of locations to coordinate, we improved control, efficiency, communication and cost. Dairy.com enables us to work with our supply chain partners to develop and maintain a real-time shared schedule in which load statuses and changes are communicated instantly. The visibility and confidence our plants have gained in their inbound cheese schedules has enabled them to reduce inventories. Implementing the system was surprisingly easy and our suppliers and carriers have appreciated the efficiencies it has brought to them, as well.”

Dairy.com’s Cheese Scheduling application is fully hosted by Dairy.com. It is configurable for unlimited numbers of cheese styles, package types, plants, warehouses, suppliers and carriers and provides scheduling and tracking of both cheese and cheese containers.

Added Scott Sexton, Chairman and CEO of Dairy.com, “As one of the largest cheese marketers in the world, Kraft’s successful implementation of Cheese Scheduling is an important statement about Dairy.com’s ability to serve as the core solutions provider to the dairy industry. This is a great platform and we foresee other leading cheese companies using and benefiting from it.”

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