New App Tracks Raw Milk Movement, Integrates with Solutions announces its acquisition of mobile technology that improves real-time data collection for milk movement and enhances traceability. By acquiring this iOS application, known as Mobile Manifest, reinforces its commitment to bringing mobile capabilities to the dairy industry.

Mobile Manifest operates as an app on iPad minis. It provides electronic, real-time record keeping, data and monitoring associated with farm milk pickup, tanker movement and plant delivery. The technology offers convenience, speed, accuracy and, critically, detailed traceability with benefits for handlers, haulers and dairy producers.

Mobile Manifest was developed in conjunction with United Dairymen of Arizona (UDA). The result of this collaboration is a solution that addresses real-world imperatives and challenges. UDA currently uses the technology to manage daily milk movement across its enterprise, tracking almost 4 billion pounds of milk annually.

“Over the past year, this app has transformed our collection of milk ticket data. We’ve seen considerable improvements in our ability to serve customers and track our milk movements from pickup through plant delivery. UDA has essentially eliminated the use of paper with Mobile Manifest. We’re excited to see where takes the app in the years to come.”
–Gayle Lindsay, Vice President of Information Technology, UDA.

* Visit the Mobile Manifest main page for a quick tour or to register for an online demonstration.

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