Dairy.com is pleased to announce the launch of its Strategic Transportation Service (STS), which helps shippers intelligently contract their freight lanes while providing haulers with access to backhauls and continuous moves. Shippers and haulers reduce costs on both bulk and packaged moves.

Fuel price volatility (a spike to an all-time high of $4.76 per gallon in July 2008 followed by a plunge to the lowest levels in several years) has prompted creation of a wide variety of fuel surcharge programs. STS helps shippers standardize fuel surcharges – eliminating excessive surcharges while fairly compensating haulers for their true incremental cost of fuel.

Because few dairy processors are resourced to systematically optimize their freight contracts, STS fills a critical need. For years, Dairy.com’s Spot Transportation Exchange has linked shippers to hundreds of experienced dairy haulers, covering spot loads quickly and at highly competitive rates. The addition of a dedicated transportation expert now enables Dairy.com to help shippers systematically optimize freight contracts – using extensive benchmark transportation data and visibility to dairy flows to help shippers and haulers minimize empty miles and costs.

There is NO risk and fees are low – Dairy.com receives a commission based solely on lanes that shippers and haulers choose to contract. Dairy.com does the leg-work – lane analysis, bid packaging and solicitation, compiling responses, and facilitating agreement on terms – while shippers and haulers make all decisions related to bid acceptance.

Under current economic conditions, cost control is essential and transportation represents an important area of focus for the dairy industry. Dairy.com has bid out more than a thousand contract freight lanes in the past year with average savings of 20-30%. Dairy.com’s automated hauler scheduling, spot market, and 24×7 service desk enable a smooth transition and help service the new freight contracts. For more information or to initiate the process of freight cost optimization, contact us or sign up today.

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