Dairy.com today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Blimling and Associates, Inc. and its two sister companies. With the deal closed, the expanded Dairy.com team is now casting its vision for ongoing operations.

“To maintain top-notch service and protect customer-specific information, we are operating as one company with two divisions,” said Dairy.com CEO Scott Sexton. “Dairy.com delivers supply chain technology and the Blimling team focuses on dairy market services. Nothing has changed in the way we operate. Confidential customer data continues to be maintained and protected in the Services division or Technology division, wherever it originates.”

As each business unit continues to operate “business as usual,” one Dairy.com product line is slated for change: Long-term cream forward contracting services will be phased out. In the past, Dairy.com brokered annual commodity contracts for clients. Going forward, the Company will transition its efforts to providing market intelligence and strategy that enables customers to make informed, but independent, cream contracting arrangements.

“Over time we look forward to developing new solutions that leverage the capabilities of both organizations,” Sexton said. “Ultimately, we want to become the industry’s best, one-stop source for market intelligence and the technology platform for dairy commodity movements.”

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