Annual list comprised of top technology and service providers for nation’s food supply chain today announced that it has been named to the tenth annual FL100 list, which identifies software and technology providers whose products and services play a significant role in the food supply chain. This is the third year in a row that—a leader in web-based dairy supply chain solutions and market intelligence—has been named to the list.

This year’s recognition was based on’s Farm-to-Plant (F2P) solution that helps dairy handlers control costs associated with transporting milk from farm to plant. Dairy freight procurement is complex, requiring milk handlers to balance transportation costs against the need to retain both producers and haulers.

“Sometimes procurement is less about competitive bidding and more about creating equitable pay programs, which is why we developed our Farm-to-Plant solution,” said Hill Pratt, Senior Vice President of Business Development. “The Farm-to-Plant process draws from vast amounts of information—such as geographic data, equipment cost, and wage rates—to determine the precise cost of picking up each pound of milk at each farm. Our model helps us determine hauler pay with consistency, fairness, and accuracy.”

As part of its service, also helps customers implement new hauler pay programs. This is done, in part, by engaging haulers and incorporating their insights into hauling costs.

F2P haul cost programs developed and implemented by’s transportation professionals have been well-received by the dairy industry. Multiple projects in the Midwest and Northeast have generated substantial improvements to pay programs.

“The groundswell of interest in software and technology tools affirms the value associated with investing in solutions that boost visibility in the food and beverage supply chain, enhance collaboration, improve regulatory compliance and support sustainability goals,” remarks Lara L. Sowinski, Editor-in-Chief of Food Logistics. “New technology-related products and services combined with better affordability are leveling the playing field for a variety of food related companies, while supporting expansion of the cold chain into developed and emerging markets alike.”

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