Web-based dairy supply chain solutions and market intelligence leader Dairy.com announced the release of its second generation Producer Payroll solution. Marked by its flexibility, Producer Payroll 2.0 empowers dairy professionals with a highly configurable software solution for delivering better service to producers.

“Flexibility was a key customer requirement we focused on when rewriting our Producer Payroll application,” said Mitch Norby, President of the Technology Division at Dairy.com. “By giving end users the tools needed to make a broader set of pay program changes without waiting on software developers, we’ve made it easier to process timely membership payments and improve service levels.”

Producer Payroll 2.0 provides more than flexibility to payroll professionals. Powerful workflows simplify managing people and processes in a collaborative, online environment. In addition to the 30+ built-in workflow steps, an unlimited number of tasks can be created to manage internal “checks and balances,” to-do’s, and much more.

“The new workflows feature will streamline processes and improve accuracy for payroll departments with complex sequences of reviews and approvals,” Norby said. “For decentralized payroll teams, in particular, workflows create the accountability and visibility required for a successful dairy organization.”

Other significant features of Producer Payroll 2.0 include seamless integration with the Dairy.com Milk Solutions Suite and improved transaction handling. Unlike other producer payroll systems capable of merely calculating results, Dairy.com Producer Payroll treats transactions in a manner similar to accounting systems. By doing so, payroll departments can benefit from richer data and enhanced reporting.

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