Solution Provides Speed and Accuracy for Data Collection Related to Milk Manifests, the dairy industry’s leading provider of web-based supply chain solutions, today announced the release of its milk manifest handling technology known as Mobile Manifest. Mobile Manifest gives users real-time data acquisition and validation tools through a mobile web interface or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. The method of deployment—the mobile phone—is significant as it marks the first electronic deployment of its kind.

“It’s faster, more accurate data collection at a fraction of the cost of the other manifest-handling technologies,” said Mitch Norby, CTO of “Many milk haulers already carry mobile phones, which makes it cost-effective to deploy across an entire fleet.”

Previously, the dairy industry attempted to use OCR technology, onboard computers in fleet trucks, and specialized software for hand-held computers. These attempts generally fell short due to significant start-up costs, difficult deployments, and ongoing maintenance costs.

With the release of Mobile Manifest, the dairy industry can cost-effectively increase efficiency and streamline operations for raw milk manifests. Following are specific examples of what Mobile Manifest delivers to the dairy industry:

  • Increases Speed, Accuracy: Data is instantly validated as it is gathered
  • Provides Flexibility: User interface is customizable; works with payroll systems
  • Addresses Industry Scenarios: Handles commingled loads, third-party carriers, drop yards, and more
  • Streamlines Processes: Plant balancing and invoicing processes are drastically improved
  • Minimizes Initial Investment: Uses existing mobile phone technology and infrastructure

Pricing and Availability Mobile Manifest is available now. To learn more about Mobile Manifest or to schedule a demo, call Jim Boykin at 800-761-8296 ext. 249 or visit

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