Enhancements Provide Critical Information to Producers by Telephone and Internet

Dairy.com, the dairy industry’s leading provider of web-based supply chain, transportation, and commodity trading solutions, today announced the availability of its Producer Portal and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. Both enhancements extend the functionality and are used in conjunction with the Company’s milk solutions to provide critical, real-time information to producers.

  • With the Producer Portal, milk producers may access their latest milk test results and view their pay statements online. The Producer Portal displays information that is generated from Dairy.com Payroll; producers may view archived Advance and Final statements as Adobe PDF documents. In addition, the online user interface may be branded with a dairy’s unique “look and feel.”
  • Milk lab results are also accessible to producers by telephone using the new Dairy.com Producer IVR application. Using a toll-free number, producers may access milk test results with their Personal Identification Number (PIN). This enhancement to Dairy.com Payroll provides valuable, timely information to producers in the field.

“When we designed the Producer Portal and interactive voice response applications, our objective was to provide instant and secure access to critical information in an easy-to-use interface,” said Mitch Norby, Dairy.com’s Chief Technology Officer. “These enhancements extend the value of Dairy.com Payroll and milk accounting by giving producers two ways—by phone and the Internet—to access milk test results.”

To learn more about Dairy.com Producer Portal and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), visit www.Dairy.com or call 800-761-8296, press 1.

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