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Clients lean on our experienced and passionate team for know-how and know-why when tackling questions large and small. Dairy consulting engagements cover strategic planning, plant feasibility, training, transportation efficiency and much more.


Clients ask; we answer. It’s a simple formula, one that serves a growing constituency.

Dairy Consulting

For example… Will this powder plant be profitable in this location? What does China’s milk market look like? Why is this region missing out on new plant investment? What should my risk management policy be? Am I paying too much for hauling? How does the Federal Milk Marketing Order system work? Who else can make this product? Does this pricing formula make sense? What will this area look like in five years? Should I pursue value-added processing? How can I be a better dairy products buyer? What market fundamentals matter most? How many cows are in India? Which hedging strategies should my farm consider? The list is endless.

Our team has sought and delivered quality answers to a number of questions across the board. As long as it concerns dairy-related information, no request is too broad or specific.

How? Another good question. Our team combines relevant experience with a burning desire to unearth the right data, build appropriate research, analysis or forecast methodology, apply critical thinking skills and clearly present results. We view each project as an opportunity to go beyond conventional wisdom and facilitate customer success. Wondering about something? Please don’t hesitate to ask.

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