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Truck Turnaround Optimization (TTO)
When trucks idle, someone’s paying

Time is money. With drivers in short supply and with their hours set for new restrictions, haulers and other stakeholders identify plant unloading delays as a top challenge. Increasingly, haulers are pushing the cost of disruptions and delays back to the responsible plants. Blimling’s TTO assessments measure speed, productivity and cost for every part of the receiving process—ordering/scheduling, sampling, testing, pumping, CIP and silos. Then, we compare the data to industry benchmarks and best practices developed through in-depth analysis of dozens of dairy plants across the industry. On top of that, our team recommends process improvements for plants and haulers, with an emphasis toward driving down capital and labor costs.

Improve capture, oversight of uniform receiving credits

No one likes leaving money on the table. But that is exactly what happens when plants don’t fully leverage uniform receiving credits (URCs). Plants often claim that losses are inevitable given demand variability and silo constraints. But in virtually every case, our URCmax tool and analysis has proven that existing assets can be used more effectively. How? By gaining insight into URC calculation details and optimizing orders within the constraints of the demand forecast, silo capacity, CIP requirements and more. In fact, URCmax has improved URC capture by an average of nearly $400K per year per plant—without capital outlays. URCmax is an easy-to-use solution that optimizes ordering and daily adds/cuts. URCmax also answers questions such as: How much additional URC capture would be possible with more silo capacity? How much would the production schedule need to change to achieve 100% URC capture? While a small investment, URCmax can deliver significant returns.

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The dairy supply chain is complex. Seasonality, perishability, schedule changes, volatile fuel prices and driver shortages challenge dairy transportation procurement professionals every day, from coast to coast. 


Finding the “right” price for milk movement from farm-to-plate is a critical challenge. Our extensive work in the arena suggests that milk handlers pay as much as 15% more than necessary. Using a robust model that examines cost at a granular level, our team provides handlers with actionable insight into hauling costs, enabling better pay consistency and reduced overall outlays.

Strategic Transportation Services

Cost savings and convenience are central to Strategic Transportation Services. Clients rely on our team to help control freight rates, fuel surcharges and time spent managing operations. This service delivers significant savings potential without risk or upfront fees. Drawing on years of logistics and dairy industry expertise, we analyze and seek to optimize freight costs by benchmarking rates, rebidding lanes to the hauler network, fine-tuning carrier agreements and fuel surcharges, and more.

Every day, the Transportation Exchange facilitates freight on hundreds of truckloads. As a result, we have a unique and valuable vantage point on dairy hauling. For more than a decade, our team has worked with entities across the supply chain to get a better handle on their transportation spend.

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