MADISON, Wis. – My Dairy Dashboard, a joint venture between Virtus Nutrition and, recently announced the nationwide launch at the World Dairy Expo on October 2 of the My Dairy Dashboard web app, an online technology hub that simply connects and visualizes dairy data so dairy producers and their advisors can make better decisions faster.

“This is an exciting time in dairy with new technologies being rapidly developed to track every aspect of dairy production and farming…from robotics to pedometers,” says Mitch Norby, CEO of My Dairy Dashboard. “The challenge is that almost every technology has its own system, with no easy way to bring all of this data together so that it can be accurately analyzed. This is what My Dairy Dashboard does in a nutshell: we transform data into information, and information into significant actions,” Norby said.

What you should know:

  • My Dairy Dashboard simply connects and visualizes dairy data so that dairy producers and their advisors can take action on the right things faster.
  • Today dairies and their consultants spend a tremendous amount of time gathering data from different systems and often collating the data in Excel. The process creates significant lag time in viewing key performance metrics.
  • My Dairy Dashboard is ‘data source agnostic’ as the platform aims to connect all key data sources on the dairy, starting with herd management, feed management, milk processor data, and weather.
  • My Dairy Dashboard is designed as a platform for everyone in the dairy industry: Dairy producers can connect their data sources directly to see their trends more clearly; Dairy advisors will be able to benchmark their client herds and be alerted to changing trends that need attention; and Dairy companies that provide value-added products and services can create their own custom dashboard to more clearly see producer returns on their investment.

“As we geared up for My Dairy Dashboard’s launch at World Dairy Expo, we developed an Insiders program, which involved selecting 50 data-minded dairy producers from across the country and across herd sizes, who would work with us, sharing their ideas on product features and data visuals that are most important to them.” explained Renee Smith, Marketing Director for My Dairy Dashboard. “Our Insiders have played a key role in fine-tuning the My Dairy Dashboard platform before the launch in Madison.”

My Dairy Dashboard is also excited to announce a partnership with Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) where the My Dairy Dashboard platform is combining DFA data and weather data to enhance their web portal for their more than 8,000 member farms.  Starting later in October, members will have access to this dashboard right in their myDFA account.

“We believe partnering with My Dairy Dashboard will be a strategic addition to the services we provide our membership,” said David Darr, President of DFA Farm Services.

As founding companies, both Virtus Nutrition and are technology-minded partners and their combined solutions impact the entire dairy industry, from farm to fork. Virtus Nutrition works directly with dairies and their advisors, while’s web-based software solutions streamline dairy supply chain operations.

“This breadth of experience will help My Dairy Dashboard meet the data aggregation needs for individual dairy producers, consultants and other industry partners,” said Dr. Kevin Murphy, COO of My Dairy Dashboard. “We are in the information age where data is sometimes too plentiful. My Dairy Dashboard will help dairies stay focused on what really matters and save consultants’ time so they can focus on analysis and helping dairies take action to improve their bottom line.”

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