Dairy Farm Analytics

Unlocking operational excellence.

Data is only as good as its accessibility and organization.

Dairy farms generate immense amounts of data. Going digital enables the use of data and analytics to achieve operational excellence. Track every aspect of dairy production… from milk components to herd health and everything in between with My Dairy Dashboard.

My Dairy Dashboard automatically transforms key herd performance metrics to actionable information, centralizing data from herd and feed management, milk production, and weather. It keeps important metrics at your fingertips and allows users to drill down for further analysis when needed. The easy to use, customizable dashboard supplies instant feedback and ties together all the major factors for farm success.

Understanding you are busy and on the move, the mobile-first dashboard is available where you work; anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Plus, it is quick and easy to switch between dairies to view metrics from multiple sites.

Because you are busy and on the move, the mobile-first dashboard is available where you work; anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Plus, it is quick and easy to switch between dairies to view metrics from multiple sites.

Consolidate disparate data streams. Effortlessly and accurately visualize, correlate, and analyze data. My Dairy Dashboard is designed as a platform for dairy farmers, their advisors, and farm suppliers.

Dairy Farms

Data that speaks directly to your herd

  • Quickly find opportunities to improve milk production and quality, herd health, reproduction, and feed efficiency
  • Engage and motivate your team with visual feedback for improved performance
  • Act on the right things faster, generating better returns on time and effort

Farm Suppliers

Data that speaks to the ROI of your products and services

  • Prove the value of your products and services by highlighting producer returns on investment
  • Improve brand consistency and recognition with white-labeled, custom dashboards – displaying the metrics that matter most to you and your clients
  • Understand total company performance by seeing all your clients’ data in one spot

Dairy Advisors

More time for more clients

  • Gain real-time insight into critical on farm trends
  • Say goodbye to late night spreadsheets, spend your time doing what you do best – advising your clients
  • Quickly counsel dairy farm clients on recommended corrective actions
  • Spend more time focused on finding and implementing solutions by arriving at your herd visits fully informed

Benefits Across the Board for All Users

  • Improve performance with advanced analytics
  • Quickly visualize your total business with automated analytics
  • Leverage real-time insights to improve decision making and accountability

For Cooperatives and Processors:

Producer Portal

Dairy.com helps you enhance relationships and improve communications with a secure, branded Producer Portal that feeds data automatically from the Producer Payroll module.

  • Promote brand confidence with a modern and secure portal and dashboard
  • Create automated alerts and take immediate action
  • Simplify communications with a single online source for key producer information
  • Build and update company content online where producers log in every day
  • Increase producer satisfaction and decrease incoming calls by giving producers instant access to their data
  • Provide white labeled dashboards helping members manage their business
  • Mitigate the risk and financial liability of a security breach
  • Exceed banking industry security standards
  • Allow producers to share portal access with their key partners (veterinarian, nutritionists, bankers, field reps) to improve milk quality, components, and volume

“The OneTrak brand from Cargill offers dairies unique value to improve animal performance and operational efficiencies. The OneTrak team wanted to help our customers track key areas of performance. We partnered with My Dairy Dashboard to create a branded version of their dashboard, but we also wanted custom metrics for our customers to track specific performance areas such as batch time and nutrient deviations. We have been impressed with both the quality of solutions they have built for us and with how quickly they went from concept to launch. From start to finish, working with the My Dairy Dashboard team has been a good, successful experience for us.”

Riley Smith
National Dairy Sales Manager,
Cargill Branded Feed

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