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By the time Erica Maedke was in college, she knew she was destined to devote her career to working within the dairy sector.

“I knew whatever I was going to do had to be related to food. That to me was very foundational,” Erica said.

Erica’s passion for the dairy industry started at a young age growing up on her family’s dairy farm in Wisconsin. She was never one to shy away from the hard work a dairy operation entails and has always taken pride in being a pivotal part of the farm-to-table process.

“There is always going to be work, but that’s really what my passion is and to be able to focus on dairy for me is just a lot of fun,” Erica said.
Erica Maedke, Managing Director, Ever.Ag

A Career Path Touching Many Facets of the Dairy Industry

After completing her bachelor’s degree in economics and math from St. Norbert College, Erica moved to New York to begin working on her graduate degree.

During grad school, she had the opportunity to work on the policy staff for New York State Senator Hillary Clinton. Erica moved to Washington D.C. to work as an agricultural staffer on her team at 24 years old.

After a few years in politics, Erica pursued a different path and held various positions in the food industry, including procurement and operations roles. She worked for companies such as Kraft Foods, Foremost Farms, and Land O’Lakes before transitioning to Blimling and Associates in 2017.

“I knew whatever I was going to do had to be related to food. That to me was very foundational. There is always going to be work, but that’s really what my passion is and to be able to focus on dairy for me is just a lot of fun.”
Erica Maedke

Managing Director, Ever.Ag

Assisting Clients in Setting Strategies

Erica currently works as Managing Director for Blimling and Associates and uses her extensive dairy background to provide market analysis support. She closely monitors the dairy markets to deliver data-driven information and advice to clients.

Erica appreciates being a trusted resource to clients. Her role allows her to leverage her prior experience and guide them toward decisions that best benefit their business objectives.

“I’m assisting clients in understanding what’s going on in the dairy markets and helping them make decisions. It’s rewarding helping them filter through the noise and have confidence in taking action,” Erica said.

During her touchpoints, she provides clients with an accurate rundown of events and factors that will impact milk production, pricing, and other aspects of their business. She takes great pride in utilizing her industry expertise to help clients make well-informed decisions for their respective operations.

Working as a Team to Communicate Market Intelligence

As a managing director, Erica also leads a team of writers and analysts who provide clients with market intelligence and advisory services. Erica and her team’s knowledge of dairy markets help clients to make well-informed decisions based on proven data and analytics.

“I’ve got a great team! Everyone pitches in to do their part to produce the Blimling and Ever.Ag publications, maintaining high standards of excellence in a collaborative environment,” Erica said.

Erica works remotely from her home office in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where she resides with her husband, Bill, and their three children. The family is expecting a fourth child in August.

Erica Maedke and her family

About Ever.Ag Market Intelligence

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