Farm Milk Track and Trace Solutions for the Dairy Industry

It’s one of the dairy industry’s long-standing problems: Dairy plants can’t track and trace raw milk back to the origin farms in a timely manner.

Today, many dairy plants receive milk that originates from dozens of cooperative sources. This makes it nearly impossible to “track and trace” raw milk back to the farm level in a timely manner.

With pending legislation that may create a greater burden on plants to provide food traceability when a recall takes place, it’s time to start thinking about how this will impact the dairy industry.

The problem isn’t new—just the solution.

Meet DairyTrace™, the dairy industry’s first track and trace solution that helps manufacturers electronically manage raw milk supply down to the farm level.

How it Works: Capture, Match, Store… Done

Plants simply receive milk loads on Dairy.com and fax milk tickets to a single 800#. Co-ops upload delivery information to Dairy.com. At that point, Dairy.com automatically matches receipt records to delivery records across multiple co-ops. Now the information is securely stored and available electronically in the event of a recall.

Top reasons to use DairyTrace

Integrate with your existing system
DairyTrace works with your current systems that track milk through the manufacturing and distribution processes

Automate, consolidate tracking
Trace back to the farm source electronically in one system; take advantage of operational efficiencies gained over tracking manually across multiple organizations

Gain a competitive advantage
Your customers will recognize track and trace capability as a commitment to food safety

Be proactive
Pending legislation may put a greater burden on plants to provide food traceability in a timely manner—start planning now

Plan for the best, but…
Dairy.com Receiving with DairyTrace helps you prepare for an event such as a product recall; take steps now to ensure regulatory compliance and efficient remediation in the event of a recall