Transform Your Milk Shed with Optimized Milk Moves and Collaboration

Dispatch enables milk cooperatives and processors—as well as their customers, haulers, and trading partners—to more easily order and schedule milk deliveries.

Why customers choose Dairy.com:

  • Dispatchers gain visibility to raw milk supply and plant order demand schedules.
  • Stair-step, re-assign, reject, dump, and send excess loads to balancing plants.
  • Simplify communications with haulers and plants through automatic, electronic notifications.
  • Track milk through hauling and plant receipt with unique load numbers.

Our dairy dispatch software platform powers raw milk operations, including supply scheduling, demand scheduling, reporting, plant ordering, hauler communication, and more. Instant visibility into supply and demand means better decisions for allocations and scheduling.

Empower Your Dispatcher

Give dispatchers an easy-to-use, powerful online solution for internal and collaborative use. Templates make life easier: post your loads with a single click!


Automate Communications

Schedule notifications give each party real-time, customized communications for all loads to be hauled or received throughout the planning week.


Real-Time Demand Visibility

With just a glance, Supply Schedules communicate assembled and available loads, and Demand Schedules communicate customer needs.

Take Control of Ordering

Plants can easily view the milk order quantity and assignment for each plant. Adding new orders is quick and easy.

Planning Made Simple

At a glance, view planned receipts and usage assumptions per plant for a planning week. Create different scenarios and test how each affects operations.


Real-Time Supply Visibility

Dispatchers can easily and accurately manage Milk Supply and Demand without spending hours on the phone.

Launched in 2006, Dairy.com’s raw milk scheduling solution is actively used by 238 plants across 38 states, managing 40 billion pounds of milk annually.



Billion Pounds

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