Manifest Imaging

Improve Document Handling with a Simple, Secure Solution

Because numerous manifests are delivered to your plant each day, you’re familiar with the continuous and time-consuming challenge of document management. Storing paperwork in boxes and warehousing those boxes introduces its own set of problems. Beyond the cost of storage space, paper is subject to security concerns, disaster recovery, and organizational challenges. Manifest Imaging is the industry’s solution for creating order out of your mass of manifests. This unique solution for plants and co-ops makes documents more secure, organized, searchable, and easier to retrieve.


Integrates with Business Applications

Once your documents are available in electronic format, they can be integrated with other business applications. For example, Acrobat PDF versions of your manifests may be linked to transactions within a payroll application or Producer Payroll application.

Leverages Existing Technology

Your plants already have fax machines. So why not convert those devices into scanners that digitize your manifests and efficiently route them to suppliers?

Improved Document Routing

“Fax Forwarding” feature systematically routes documents to the correct destinations. Your suppliers receive their paperwork sooner, and you no longer have to worry about getting co-op manifests to their final destination.

Flexible Document Retrieval

Retrieving hard copy documents can be time-consuming. Access your information 24/7 with centralized and organized online document storage.

Minimal Ongoing Costs

Documents are faxed using a toll-free number, minimizing expenses for plants or co-ops.

Processed, Accessible within 24 Hours

Once received by, your faxed documents are converted, indexed, filed according to your business rules, and made viewable online within 24 hours.


Improved Document Security

All documents are protected by 256-bit security standards. With permission-based access, these can be viewed through the Mobile Manifest portal or Producer Payroll portal.

Take Control of Your Manifests

Manage your dairy supply chain with today’s leading technology.