That’s the hallmark of an ideal producer payroll system. How often does a lack of flexibility in your current system impact service to producers?

Dairy.com Producer Payroll 2.0 provides an entirely new level of flexibility to help you deliver better service to producers. In addition to our Software-as-a-Service solution, Producer Payroll is available as a managed service and can be extended through Producer Portals.

Why customers choose Dairy.com:

  • Assignments for producers and haulers
  • Calculation of Hauler payments
  • Lab imports
  • User-created pay group programs—no software development necessary
  • Supports ACH payments
  • Over 60 reports available—many can be exported to Excel

Do you wait on programmers for simple changes to Pay Programs, Pay Groups, or Formulas? Introducing the industry’s most flexible producer payroll solution.

Highly Configurable

You’re in control: Agreements (Producer, Hauler, and Assignee Pay Rules), Pay Groups, Formulas, Volume Premiums, Quality Incentives, and more.

Powerful Workflows

They make it easier to manage people and processes and to standardize processes online. Use one of 30+ pre-defined workflow steps or create your own.

Superior Data

Transactions adhere to accounting standards, providing enhanced reporting through granular data.

Fully Integrated

Producer Payroll integrates seamlessly with our Milk Solutions Suite, including Dispatch, Mobile Manifest, Portals (online producer access, discussed below), and Receiving.


Streamline Processes

Automate the creation of bi-monthly pay statements and the calculation of payments to producers and haulers.


Meet Requirements

Producer Payroll can generate payment instructions (as printed checks or ACH instructions) and provides regulatory reporting.

Integrated with Manifest Imaging

Helping plants and co-ops improve document handling with a simple, secure solution.

In the Market? How Will You Choose?

Plenty of features usually show up on the “wish list” when evaluating producer payroll solutions. There are, however, certain must-have characteristics. Learn about these and more in our free article “How to Choose a Producer Payroll Solution.”

Producer Payroll is available as a managed service and can be extended through Producer Portals.

Managed Producer Payroll

Dairy.com also provides a fully outsourced payroll processing service–allowing you to focus resources on growing your business. Simply fax milk tickets to a central 800 number, provide pricing information, and Dairy.com handles the rest, including:

  • maintaining master data
  • configuring pay programs
  • entering pickup data
  • calculating payroll
  • producing pay statements and payment instructions for payer review and execution

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Producer Portals

Dairy.com makes critical, real-time information available to producers through secure portals. These portals are available online and by telephone:

  • Online: With the Producer Portal, milk producers may access their latest milk test results and weights, and view pay statements online. Producers may view archived Advance and Final statements as Adobe PDF documents. In addition, the online user interface may be branded with a company’s own unique “look and feel.”
  • By phone: Producers can access milk lab results by telephone via the Dairy.com Producer Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application. Using a toll-free number, producers access milk test results with their Personal Identification Number (PIN). IVR technology provides valuable, timely information to producers in the field.

Take Control of Payroll

Manage your dairy supply chain with today’s leading technology.