Manage Raw Milk Intake and Supplier Balancing

Now milk suppliers and customer plants can manage the milk receipt process with a solution that helps manage complexity, improve collaboration, and increase efficiency.

Launched in 2006, Receiving allows plants to capture key attributes (e.g., load weight by manifest, temperature, and lab results) for each load of milk. In 2015, plants across the US used our milk receiving tool to account for more than 31 billion pounds.

Why customers choose

  • Seller and buyer load information is automatically matched; balancing and settlement is streamlined.
  • Fifty-plus milk attributes (weight and quality) track multiple tests and co-mingled milk.
  • Plants are provided with configurable receipt screens and balancing tools (manifest/weight reconciliation).
  • Suppliers gain real-time access to plant receipt logs, shrink, and quality reports, enabling timely response and proactive problem identification and resolution.

Simplify Plant Receiving

Authorized users can enter, modify, or review received weights and tests data for a plant.

Incorporate Supplier Data

Milk suppliers can easily upload weight and test XML data files to for reporting and reconciliation.


Reconcile Manifests in a Snap

Plant users can quickly compare manifest weights entered at the bay against those suppliers upload.


Customize Milk Receiving

Tailor Receiving to work the way you work. Determine exactly what’s captured during receiving, and create as many unique layouts for your receiving worksheets as needed.

Seeing is Believing

Gain instant access to manifests received at the plant. Manifest imaging allows plant personnel to quickly reconcile with suppliers.


Easy Setup and Configuration

Productivity tools simplify configuration, including a supplier upload utility and a user-definable Plant Receipt Log.

Integrated with DairyTrace

Helping dairy plants track and trace raw milk back to the origin farms in a timely manner.

Take Control of Your Milk Receiving

Manage your dairy supply chain with today’s leading technology.