Dairy 101 Webinar Series Delivers Valuable Market Insights throughout 2014

Dairy.com today announced availability of its Dairy 101 webinar series to the global dairy industry. These free, 60-90 minute webinar sessions, which are valuable for dairy industry newcomers and veterans alike, are now available to everyone.

A recognized leader of web-based dairy supply chain solutions and market intelligence, Dairy.com began hosting its Dairy 101 webinars in February 2014 with “US Farm Structure and Processing Basics” followed by “Global Milk Supply” in March. The response has been overwhelming. More than 400 people registered for each webinar, and many participants reported sharing the webinar with team members in a conference room setting.

Duane Banderob, Managing Director of Blimling and Associates, presented the first two webinars and will continue with “Global Dairy Demand and Trade” in April.

“Our April webinar will help industry professionals understand global historical trade patterns, structural shifts and trade displacements, key demand centers, and opportunities created for the United States,” Banderob said. “We’re anticipating another strong turnout of dairy professionals from all over the world.”

Blimling and Associates, which is part of Dairy.com, has an extensive history of developing and delivering Dairy 101 courses. In addition, Dairy 201, 301, and Risk Management training courses, which are also available through Blimling and Associates, dive deeper into more complex dairy industry topics. Some of these courses are being considered for webinars in 2015.

In addition to the upcoming April webinar, Dairy.com has scheduled several other webinars for 2014 such as “US Dairy Markets: Inner Workings” and “US Dairy Policy & Milk Pricing.”

To register for this month’s webinar or to view the full Dairy 101 webinar lineup, visit https://www.dairy.com//intelligence/dairy-education-videos/

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