Knowledge is power.

And, with that in mind, clients rely on us to stay plugged into the domestic and global dairy market grids. Numerous publications, regular outlook sessions and abundant data combine to provide an unbiased take on factors shaping market behavior.

Keeping up with the trends influencing past, present and future dairy market pricing requires more than mere diligence. It also takes discernment (what is really important?), data (who has the figures?), discipline (what is available today?), distillation (what does it mean?) and depiction (how can the story best be told?).

Our team has immediate access to relevant data, extensive contact networks, real-time visibility to markets and, crucially, the experience necessary to pull it all together.


For over two decades, we have been building a dynamic intelligence infrastructure designed to inform and improve client performance.

As dairy markets have become more integrated globally, our data sets and contacts lists have grown accordingly. We study milk in northern Europe as well as in northern California and seek to understand demand in southeast Asia as well as in the south eastern United States.

Our unique combination of experience, expertise and exposure to multiple markets makes us the preferred provider of hard-to-gather information, insight and research. Let us put that knowledge to work for you. We can function as your “outside expert” and confidant, providing well-rounded data and information to guide you through the choppy waters of the global dairy markets.

Whether you’re seeking annual budgeting exercises, weekly to monthly conference calls or simply a professional on standby for any sudden, pressing needs, clients rely on the Blimling team.

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