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Part 1: US Farm Structure and Processing Basics

This 60-minute kickoff session for our 2017 webinar series covers US dairy farm structure, trends and milk processing basics.

Topics include:
* Milk Production
* Farm Economics

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Part 2: Milk Marketing and Processing Basics

During the second installment of the Blimling and Associates Dairy 101 series, Duane Banderob and Kathleen Noble guide you through the magic that happens in dairy plants coast to coast, as manufacturers convert wholesome farm milk into an array of finished dairy products and ingredients.

Topics include:
* Regional milk utilization
* Basic process flows and product yields
* US production trends
* By-products and balancing

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Part 3: US Dairy Policy

During the third installment of our Dairy 101 series, we’ll lead you on a lively trek through the complexities and nuance of US milk pricing and dairy policy.

Topics include:
* How we arrived here – a quick history
* Role of commodity markets in milk pricing
* Milk utilization and pooling
* How dollars flow from processors to producers

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Part 4: Global Dairy Supply

During the fourth installment of our Dairy 101 series, Duane Banderob and Kathleen Noble tour the global dairy markets – from New Zealand to France, China to Brazil.

Topics include:
* Europe’s Dairy Industry: Before and After Quotas
* Oceania’s Global Role
* Up and Coming Producers
* Structural Supply Differences
* Key Global Players

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Part 5: Global Butter/Powder Demand and Trade

During this installment of our Dairy 101 series, Duane Banderob and Kathleen Noble continue their trip around the globe, sampling dairy products and reviewing how they fit in the global marketplace.

Topics include:
* WMP – Global Dairy Currency
* Butterfat and Skim – Storable Commodities
* Who, What, Where

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(Pre-2017) Part 6: US Dairy Policy and Risk Management Basics

In this session, Duane Banderob puts the finishing touches on a few US dairy policy topics and starts the conversation around price risk in dairy markets.

Please note: Jump to 0:30 for immediate start.

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(Pre-2017) Part 7: Dairy Risk Management – Continued

Join Dairy.com as we put the finishing touches on managing price risk in dairy markets. During this webinar, we’ll look at using options, basic options strategies, hedging effectiveness in dairy, and risk management strategies and trade-offs.

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Special Event Webinars

2017 Cream Symposium

The US butterfat market continues to sow confusion, to engender more questions than answers. Butterfat supply in the US continues to rise, but the extra fat isn’t necessarily making more butter. Where is all that cream and butterfat going?

With ample cream available, will multiples continue to track near the bottom-end of the average range again in 2018 or will greater export opportunities keep a stronger bid in the market?

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2016 Cream Symposium

Huge stocks, high prices. The US butter market continues to sow confusion, to engender more questions than answers. How can high stocks coexist with high prices? Why is everyone still so anxious?

Unlike last year, when multiples spiked in July, cream has been readily available with only hints of tightness through mid-August. Unusual to be sure.

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2015 Cream Symposium

Quite often, record-setting commodity prices one year will trigger much lower prices the next. That has not been the case for US butterfat markets. While global pricing has drifted to multi-year lows, the domestic market has thrown convention out the window. Market participants saw cream multiples spike in July, followed by CME spot butter prices topping $2.50 per pound in September. Some fundamental metrics don’t immediately or obviously square with the prevailing price landscape. For example, New Zealand butter prices are more than $1 per pound below US prices. US inventories are running 41% above year-prior levels. And, US fat exports are down 76% from 2014.

Watch our annual look at cream and butter market fundamentals.

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The State of the American Consumer

This webinar installment zooms out to examine economic conditions and behavioral responses at the consumer level. The goal is to sketch the landscape for domestic dairy product demand – especially in light of dramatically lower energy costs. Topics include:
* Employment environment
* Wage and income trends
* Consumer spending trends
* Gasoline savings and spending redirection
* Restaurant and grocery trends
* General macroeconomic outlook
* Associated possibilities for dairy product demand.

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Transportation and Energy Trends in Dairy: Part 1

During the first part of this webinar, we focus on dairy transportation trends.

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Transportation and Energy Trends in Dairy: Part 2

During the second half of this webinar, we discuss energy trends as they pertain to dairy and engage the audience through a Q&A session.

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