Public Speaking

A good meeting speaker should inform and entertain… even if dairy markets are the topic. Members of our team have won consistent praise for their ability to do both (at the same time). Bringing us to the podium at your next meeting or conference assures audience engagement and education. Titles and topics can be repackaged to suit.

Potential topics include:

The State of the American Consumer

Understanding consumer trends and potential is critical to solving the demand puzzle. With that in mind, we take audiences through the macroeconomic data, public surveys and anecdotal reports that tell us where consumers are at and, critically, where they appear to be going in the months ahead.

Feeding the World

Why is American agriculture uniquely situated to meet increased demand for food around the globe? What are the economic opportunities and risks? How do evolving US food culture and food politics fit into the picture? An optimistic – but eminently realistic – assessment.

The Supply-Side Quest

More people globally with more money means more demand for dairy products. Where will the milk come from? Is the US well positioned to play a large role? What about post-quota Europe? Is New Zealand growth sustainable? This presentation looks at supply-side dynamics in a global context.

Dairy Market Situation and Outlook

Everything that matters in 60 minutes or less. A typical situation/outlook session covers the dairy supply, demand and price spectrum while offering data and opinions on milk production, stocks and consumption. This can either be designed as a general overview or tailored to focus on a particular product segment.

Dairy Policy: Problems and Prescriptions

While many agree that dairy policy is fundamentally flawed, few agree on what’s really wrong and fewer yet agree on potential solutions. In this presentation, we offer our own views, with a keen focus on desired objectives and the roadblocks on the way toward achievement.

Global Dairy Market Convergence

As dairy markets become more integrated across national borders, pricing across various geographies matters. Will those prices move closer together? Why? Is convergence a realistic or even desirable outcome? In this presentation, we look at the multiple variables at work and address risk management concerns.

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Dairy Training

Understanding the dairy markets on any given day can be difficult even for experienced procurement professionals due to the complexities and vagaries of the markets. Put an end to uncertainty through one of our training sessions, customized to your specific needs.

Risk Management Training

In this presentation, we cover basic futures and options strategies used to manage commodity price risk. Working with realistic scenarios, audience participants will gain understanding of the tools involved (futures, floors, caps, and collars), trading mechanics and the math behind settlement/evaluation. More importantly: we speak extensively about how psychology and emotion can interfere with the process.

Dairy 101

This series introduces participants to dairy market logistics by taking a look at policy, supply and demand, market fundamentals and farm-side economics. Our more in-depth sessions are typically tailored to the client or business and feature price risk management while delving into the specific dairy product categories.

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