Managed Producer Payroll Services

A better way to pay producers and manage forward contracting

Preparing and processing producer payroll is as intricate as it is important. It’s not as simple as milk in, money out.

Producers (and, in some cases, regulators) demand that payments are accurate and on-time. Consequently, handlers dedicate significant resources to the effort because it is time-consuming, multidimensional, and error prone. helps handlers tackle the unique challenges associated with producer payroll with an outsourced service platform that leverages our experience and know-how. Our team understands premiums, multiple pay price structures (flat, indexed, FMMO based), assignments (payroll deductions are commonplace) and “labs” (managing and reconciling the testing process).

Today, several cooperatives and proprietary processors across the nation count on us to process their payroll. Buyers set pay parameters. does the rest. takes your overall payroll investment to another level, bolstering consistency and freeing internal resources. Engaging enables firms to do the following:

Concentrate on higher priority business activities

Bypass payroll staffing challenges

Focus on managing payroll—not processing

Gain corporate access to a hosted Producer Payroll solution

Leverage our industry knowledge


Tailor managed payroll to your needs

Learn about Managed Services

Downloading the Managed Services flip book is the best way to learn—in about five minutes, give or take—what we offer to today’s dairy professionals. This booklet covers benefits, processes, and other aspects of Producer Payroll and Producer Consulting.

Snapshot: Producer Payroll Managed Services

1.35 billion+ lbs processed per month

Producers paid per month

Years that has offered service

Manifests entered during 2014

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