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Manufacturing software built for dairy, by those who speak dairy. Components. Traceability. Costing. It’s all here.

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Capture and trace incoming milk, cream and any other liquids while streamlining data entry for weights and tests, and simplifying the plant intake process.

Liquid Sales

Sell outbound dairy liquids and bill your farm milk deliveries with a variety of pricing methodologies including spot, market, and contracted pricing.

Liquid Inventory

Mass balance your dairy liquids for the plant at the silo or plant level and watch as milk is fractionated, condensed, blended and pushed through the manufacturing process.


Trace raw materials and dairy liquids as they move through your plant and gather valuable insight with industry specific shrink and yield reporting.

Production Scheduling

Schedule production and compute material requirements based upon orders, forecasts, inventory levels and track it through routing and work centers.


View your inventory in real time with integrated lab functionality allowing you to drill into specific lot information including: location, history, and status.


Evaluate your cost of goods sold with the most powerful dairy costing program available, allowing for actual costing of dairy products down to the component level.

Warehouse Management

Wirelessly manage your inventory in real-time. Move products, prepare shipments, and generate shipping documents all without getting out of the forklift.

Order Entry/Distribution

 Send the right product to the right customer every time – with a defined process that auto-generates picking and shipping paperwork to maximize your shipping docks.

Financial Integration

Our team integrated to many financial software platforms to ensure you can pair the best financial systems with our industry leading milk supply chain solutions.

Floor Integration

Scales. Meters. Labeling. Barcoding. Robotic inventory systems. We’ve integrated to it all to help your facility reach its full potential, efficiently.

EDI Integration

Our standard interface allows for seamless EDI integration for orders, acknowledgements, transfers, invoices and more.

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