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World class market intelligence surrounding’s world class supply chain technology.

Blimling and Associates, a subsidiary, draws on access to relevant data, extensive global contacts, and decades of experience to provide clients with actionable insights that drive better business decisions. Clients rely on us to stay plugged into domestic and global dairy markets, evaluating relevant supply and demand trends to stay one step ahead of the competition.

We are our clients’ preferred provider for gathering, synthesizing, and delivering critical information to our clients in visually compelling, easy-to-digest publications and presentations.

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Market Publications

Better information. Actionable market intelligence. All at your fingertips.

From macro-economics to regional dairy farm profitability, domestic dairy market fundamentals to international dynamics, clients rely on our world-class information and analysis. Stay up-to-date and in-the-know on the activities and forces that shape the market.

  • Over 15 unique titles covering all dairy market angles
  • Key market data, trends and analysis presented in easy-to-navigate publications
  • Premier economic research, opinions and thought-leadership focused on dairy
  • Powerful commentary that connects the dots and provides readers the confidence to take action

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Market and Risk Management Advisory

Insights and analysis for you. 

Stay on top of relevant fundamental trends. Talk through “what if” scenarios and develop appropriate strategies. Make dairy pricing part of the regular conversation across your organization.

Advisory clients value regular access to the Blimling team to satisfy these objectives and more. We put our decades of experience to work for advisory clients, bringing historical context, relevant data and an unbiased “clients-first-clients-only” commitment to the table every day.

  • Customized format to share our insights, analysis and recommendations
  • Content and opinions that matter to your business
  • A sounding board, an advisor, a confidant to help you make sense of dairy market volatility
  • Resources on call for data, graphs and industry research

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Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP)

Catch milk prices when they fall. Protect dairy income downside, but preserve the upside.

Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) is a federally-sponsored crop insurance product designed to protect milk revenue. In simplest terms, DRP provides subsidized milk price floors. The program offers two coverage avenues – one covering a mix of Class III and Class IV and the other providing protection tied to component levels. USDA subsidies make DRP more affordable than comparable risk management tools. Coverage is available five quarters out

Use this tool to estimate premiums for the USDA’s Dairy Revenue Protection insurance.

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Project Consulting

Dairy market experts on call.

The knowledge and know-how to tackle simple and complex projects. Engagements cover strategic planning, plant feasibility, business development, training, transportation efficiency, and much more. It’s simple, clients ask…we answer.

Whether you’re seeking timely analysis, weekly to monthly conference calls, or simply require a professional on standby for pressing needs, our clients rely on Blimling and Associates.

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