Milk Procurement’s integrated suite of products helps you expertly manage all phases of milk procurement to drive efficiency and deliver cost savings in real-time.

We connect stakeholders across the procurement process, from farm-to-plant.

Our platform digitizes day-to-day operations, allowing clients to expertly serve producers, schedule transportation, record receipts, manage test results, invoice customers, and pay farms and haulers. We connect stakeholders across the procurement process to achieve efficiency, realize cost savings, and enable track and trace from farm-to-plant.

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Producer Payroll

Paying producers accurately and on time is essential. payroll helps clients save time and resources by efficiently and accurately managing all the complexities of paying producers and haulers in a complex and ever-changing regulatory environment.

  • Streamline payroll processing while ensuring prompt and accurate producer payments
  • Reduce development costs with configurable solutions
  • Control transportation costs through the hauler pay engine
  • Reduce errors and re-work with our multi-step payroll workflow with all the necessary checks, balances and audit trail

Learn about the Producer Payroll engine and how it helps pay over 15,000 farms!

Mobile Manifest

Eliminate paper, seed data availability and track raw milk movements in real-time.

Are you frustrated with the number of errors, lost tickets and time it takes to receive milk tickets? Not to mention all the wasted efforts to manage such a critical process that relies solely on paper? Now, eliminates that frustration and waste with a simple-to-use app that unites our world-class software to do away with paper, digitize records and provide real-time tracking – all in one place.

  • Make well-informed decisions with real-time monitoring and data
  • Effortlessly track the collection, movement and delivery of raw milk
  • Accelerate load ticket entry and balancing activities with plants instead of waiting days for haulers to send manifests
  • End dependency on redundant data entry at every step of the process
  • Significantly reduce driver errors

Mobile Manifest is at the forefront of the industry’s transition away from paper. It is the industry standard and will soon handle over:


of the nation's milk supply

Join the mobile revolution that is transforming the dairy industry across the nation!

Milk Dispatch

Eliminate spreadsheets, manage expectations and make informed decisions across your milkshed.’s Dispatch platform integrates milk scheduling with real-time truck locations, load details, and more. Dispatch is a cloud-based, multi-tenant solution that enables all participants to more easily order, schedule and route milk deliveries from a single, shared system – cooperatives, processors, receiving plants, haulers and trading partners.

  • Manage, reconcile and account for every scheduled movement, from pickup through plant delivery, with unique load tracking numbers (LT#s)
  • Automated communications with haulers and plants
  • Stair-step, re-assign, reject, dump and send excess loads to balancing plants – reducing hauling costs along the way
  • Integrates with Mobile Manifest, providing a real-time view of pick-ups and deliveries – allowing dispatchers to respond faster to changes and problems
  • Immediate feedback speeds the reconciliation process by correcting driver and plant errors in real-time

Let us be your “air-traffic controller” and make it easy to get milk where it needs to be!


Manage raw milk intake and supplier balancing.

Now, milk suppliers and customer plants can manage the milk receipt process with a solution that helps simplify complexity, improve collaboration, and increase efficiency. Used in the unloading bay, Receiving collects common attributes: weights, components, quality tests, and more. With a supplier feed, load reconciliation and shrink are easily managed.

  • Customizable data input screen to fit your operation
  • Captures over 90+ load attributes
  • Syncs with Dispatch and Mobile Manifest to provide real-time insight into load status
  • Powerful reports to manage load level shrink
  • Easy-to-use interface, designed and built for dairy

See how over 100 plants manage raw milk receipts today!

Producer Portal

Build stronger relationships with your producers with a modern portal to view meaningful data. helps you enhance relationships and improve communications with a secure, branded portal that feeds data automatically from Producer Payroll. Increase producer satisfaction and decrease incoming producer calls by giving your producers instant access to their data.

  • Promote brand confidence with a modern and secure portal and dashboard
  • Simplify communications with a single online source for key producer information
  • Build and update company content online where your producers log in every day
  • Provide white labeled dashboards helping producers manage their business
  • Allow producers to share portal access with their key partners through user-based permissions

Promote brand confidence with a modern and secure portal and dashboard.

Managed Services

Leverage’s expertise and team of supply chain professionals.

We don’t just build solutions for the industry; we use them every day ourselves.’s team of experts provide a high level of resources tailored to your business needs. We offer a wide range of services that include outsourced payroll processing, farm-to-plant transportation, milk dispatching, pooling strategies, process assessments, data analysis and so much more.

No matter how complex your business questions, we help many solve them every day.

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