Mobile Manifest

Real-time data and traceability on milk collection and movement.

Several of the most well-known names in the dairy industry use Mobile Manifest to reduce errors and accelerate the collection, movement, and delivery of raw milk.


Effortlessly track the collection, movement, and delivery of raw milk


Accelerate load ticket entry and balancing activities with plants instead of waiting for haulers to send manifests


End the dependency on redudant data entry at every step of the process and significantly reduce driver errors


Make well-informed decisions with real-time monitoring and data

“[Mobile Manifest] helps improve business processes and gives us the ability to make more informed decisions – directly benefitting our members, customers, haulers, and cooperative.”

tim houck

Vice President of Fluid Milk Operations, Dairy Farmers of America

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As the industry’s first and now most well-established electronic solution, Mobile Manifest will soon handle over 25% of the nation’s milk supply.

Mobile Manifest

Eliminate the errors, complaints, and wasted effort of paper manifests.

Mobile Manifest provides detailed and reliable electronic records for the entire milk manifest process. The application, available on Apple and Android devices, makes it easy for haulers to quickly record all critical load information, such as tanker number and seal information, pickup and delivery weights, milk sampling method and temperature, with the reliability of a digital record.

From the farm all the way to the plant, this approach dramatically reduces the potential for data entry errors and even missing information. Additionally, Mobile Manifest is integrated with other solutions. Customers with specific integration needs can also be supported.

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About Mobile Manifest

We’ve received a lot of questions about Mobile Manifest, and this FAQ covers 12 of the most common. Take a look, and let us know if you have any of your own.

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Press Release

DFA and Mobile Manifest

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), uses Mobile Manifest to manage nearly 10,000 manifests every month.


Mobile Manifest Overview

Your entire team will benefit from having access to the timely, trackable, and legible load information that Mobile Manifest provides. Watch this video to see how it works! 

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