App now available on multiple platforms, multiple devices

Dairy supply chain and market intelligence leader announces the release of Mobile Manifest 2.0—a significant upgrade to its mobile application for milk data collection.

For this release, rewrote its Mobile Manifest app from the ground up. Adding numerous features requested by users and making the app available on Android and iOS platforms, this application sets the standard for raw milk data collection.

Features in release 2.0 include:

  • App handles commingled loads, direct pay, supplemental milk, overlap of multiple client companies and drop yard support.
  • App prompts for the information you need to gather, in the order you’d like to gather it.
  • Data is validated as it is gathered, resulting in significantly higher data quality than paper and electronic batch methods.
  • Robust data at the farm, load, route and hauler level can inform better business decisions.
  • One system for multiple co-ops, including commingled milk and multi-tenant capabilities.
  • Multiple drop tanker scenarios, including drop yards, plant yards and producer direct fill.

Mobile Manifest provides multiple benefits to haulers, handlers, processors and producers. Take a product tour and learn more about Mobile Manifest 2.0, or schedule a demo today.

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