New Producer Payroll feature removes stress, manual steps from process released its Plant Billing module to help create, customize and distribute invoices for farm milk. This significant enhancement to the Producer Payroll application streamlines milk invoicing, a process historically plagued by manual processes and spreadsheets.

With Plant Billing, marketers of farm milk can easily generate and electronically deliver invoices directly from the payroll solution. The tool accommodates a company’s direct milk sales, third-party sales and diverted milk.

“The ability to seamlessly access and interface raw milk delivery data for plant-customer invoicing is invaluable,” said Sonia Fabian, Chief Operating Officer of Lone Star Milk Producers. “Once the initial invoice is formatted, there is little human data input needed to complete the invoice. The ability to closely replicate our previous hand-built invoice format in was helpful. The customer did not see any substantive format changes versus what they were receiving before we started using programs to create our customer invoices.”

Plant Billing addresses agency sales and supports cost centers, allowing clients to use payroll information with internal accounting systems. Moreover, discounts and premiums are customizable, and report functionality provides insights for managing billed plants.

Learn more about Plant Billing and Producer Payroll at, reach out for a brief product demonstration or call 800-761-8296, press 1.

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