Plant Operations

Fortify your business with the dairy industry’s first end-to-end solution for manufacturers. has the dairy industry’s first, end-to-end track and trace solution to help manufacturers electronically manage raw milk supply down to the farm level.

Dairy manufacturing facilities are hubs of complexity, featuring bulky liquids, multiple components, valuable byproduct streams and intricate processes.

Then there’s perishability at both the receiving bay and loading dock, comingling across farms and cooperatives, byzantine regulations, and tight margins. Plus, customers and consumers increasingly demand full transparency from farm to fork. Simply put, dairy plant operators have their hands full and even the best Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems cannot manage the routine , leaving operators to deal with inefficiency, risk and production blind spots.

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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Operational intelligence when and where it matters most.

Creating a “digital twin” of your plant is the best way to gain a comprehensive, managerial view of manufacturing operations. In real time. Or on instant replay.’s MES monitors and records the flow of product through the entire production process. Our MES provides operational intelligence to make better decisions faster, perfecting performance.


increase in labor productivity and in production capacity recovered


operational efficiency improvement, reduction in costs and increase in quality

Don’t miss out on improving the productivity with a solution that pays for itself.

Plant Manufacturing Software

Improve your plant’s efficiency with a solution built for dairy, by those who speak dairy.’s plant management software is tailored specifically to the dairy industry, helping plants operate with best-practices from intake to finished goods. Our solution seamlessly integrates with existing financial systems to leverage existing software investments.

  • Control production runs, inventory levels, and material orders with real-time production scheduling
  • Inventory management with built-in lab aimed at dairy – raw and finished goods
  • Distribution controls to reduce shipping errors
  • Detailed sales reporting helps identify winners and losers.
  • Fill orders, load trucks, and generate shipping documents with ease

Eliminate the frustration of traditional ERP systems that don’t fit the dairy industry.


Manage raw milk intake and supplier balancing.

Now, milk suppliers and customer plants can manage the milk receipt process with a solution that helps simplify complexity, improve collaboration, and increase efficiency. Used in the unloading bay, Receiving collects common attributes: weights, components, quality tests, and more. With a supplier feed, load reconciliation and shrink are easily managed.

  • Customizable data input screen to fit your operation
  • Captures over 90+ load attributes
  • Syncs with Dispatch and Mobile Manifest to provide real-time insight into load status
  • Powerful reports to manage load level shrink
  • Easy-to-use interface, designed and built for dairy

See how over 100 plants manage raw milk receipts today!

Lab Information Management (LIMS)

Don’t leave your quality management and food safety to chance.

When it comes to food safety and quality management, the stakes have never been higher for dairy processors. Faced with ever more demanding regulatory and industry standards, dairy processors are searching for comprehensive lab information management systems (LIMS) to streamline regulatory reporting, product hold management, troubleshooting and more.’s industry-leading LIMS is designed to improve operations, processes and efficiencies while increasing your profitability.

  • Designed to make your staff’s job easier for Plant Managers, QA Managers, Operations, Lab Technicians, IT, etc.
  • Provides flexible and customizable reporting tools, reliably providing the right data at the right time
  • Helps plants proactively manage the milk and dairy products manufacturing process in a way that enhances performance and quality

added to the bottom line in the first five years (in a medium sized lab)


boost in efficiency of testing and sampling

Learn how our expert implementation team can make for a smooth transition from your legacy systems.

Plant Manufacturing Consulting

Hesitant to rely on even more technology for critical plant operations? Let our experts be your guide.

It is easy to say the right things about leveraging technology to improve plant performance. It is another all together to stand in front of your team and confidentiality communicate that vision.

That’s where our team of experts come in. We take the guess work out of the project and help create the technology roadmap that fits your operation. Our team has already walked a mile in your shoes – now let us help you on this journey.

  • Gap analysis: Identify computer system validation gaps
  • Coverage assessment: Determine which rules must be satisfied
  • Risk assessment: Determine and prioritize potential complication actions
  • Mitigation/remediation plan: Formulate a corrective action plan addressing the deficiencies
  • Implementation: implement corrective actions

Talk with someone who already knows your challenges, your pain points and can help translate tech-speak to real-world actions.

people passionate from farm to table.

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