3D Simulation for Food Plants

SIM4food enables experimentation with plant layout, staffing, process, and automation to help you identify the optimal plant design.


See the future of your food plant before you break ground


Measure design performance – throughput, resource
utilization, and cost


Move equipment, adjust the recipe, test different product mixes and volumes – and see how performance is impacted


Minimize capital outlay, avoid rework, and optimize operating efficiency

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Top Questions about Sim4food

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reduction in engineering and consulting rework


improvement in equipment utilization


reduction in process delays


average ROI on SIM4food projects

When it comes to food plant design and operations, “We did not see that coming…” or “That was not supposed to happen…” are expensive phrases. Like, millions and millions of dollars expensive.

Track Performance Across...
  • Utilization of equipment and operators
  • Time traveling between tasks versus actually “working”
  • Process delays
  • Maximum and average tank and storage inventories
  • Production actually completed in a day or week


What’s the best design?

Traditional design tools don’t reflect food plant realities: varying flow paths and production rates; competition for operators, equipment and storage; personnel bouncing between tasks to keep material moving, and; pathways congested with forklifts and people.

Engineers crave dynamic modeling tools that provide hard data as they strive for the “Best Designs”—and a way to prove it.

Enter SIM4food. Combining visualization with rigorous process modeling, we see trucks arrive at intakes (unevenly), material flowing in and out of silos and storage tanks, orders moving through processing and packaging, and plant personnel shifting among tasks.

Experiment to make your design smarter. Build collective alignment and buy-in for your final design.

Greenfield, Expansion or Streamlining an Existing Plant? Determine the best design—with the numbers to back it up.

proven results

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About SIM4food

We’ve received a lot of questions about SIM4food, and this FAQ covers a few of the most common. Take a look, and let us know if you have any of your own.


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What if you could see the future when it comes to your plant design or operations? Watch this video to learn more. 

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