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Maintenance-Free, Lower Initial Costs, and Scalable: It’s Time to Consider Software-as-a-Service deploys its industry-leading solutions as a service, which makes it easy for your business to adopt, lowers initial costs, and puts the burden of maintenance on the service provider.

The only criteria for accessing our solutions?

You guessed it. You’re using it now.’s exchange, milk solutions, and transportation management solutions are available from anywhere you can access the Internet. There’s no need for you to purchase expensive servers, install software, or back up your critical business data. takes care of all this so you don’t have to. applications are hosted at a SAS70 data center, ensuring the availability, security, and performance of our solution.


Because there’s no software to install, you’ll never need to install updates, upgrades, or patches. maintains its solutions; you’ll never need to worry about staying updated or scheduling maintenance downtime.

Ultimate Scalability

As your business grows, you may find yourself rethinking a software purchase. On the other hand, SaaS applications grow with your business. There’s no limit to the number of users, transactions, or plants that we can handle. In addition, your business can access additional layers of functionality as your company expands.

Lower Initial Costs

In the past, sizable hardware investments and additional IT staff members were required to deploy a business-wide solution. Not only are the up-front costs minimal for using, the total cost of ownership is significantly less than the ongoing staffing, hardware, and software licensing associated with traditional, installed software.

Ease of Use

SaaS applications have a distinct advantage over installed software when it comes to adoption and ease of use. Most users are already familiar with using applications on the Internet and will experience a reduced learning curve with solutions.

What about my back-office system?

Your information can be integrated with other back-office solutions. Some of our customers currently integrate SAP, for example, with to manage financial and operational information with increased efficiency and security.

What about my IT Department?

If your IT department is tasked with updating software, upgrading servers, and resetting forgotten passwords, they may be relieved to know that you’re considering Your IT staff members are significant resources that can be re-deployed on other, more strategic tasks while leaving the hardware, software, and data backups to

Is SaaS right for you?

When business solutions are based on the traditional client-server model, the initial investment and ongoing costs of software, hardware, and IT personnel can be substantial. Consider these potential expenses associated with licensing software instead of accessing it through a subscription-based SaaS environment.

Backup/restore capabilities
Anti-virus and other precautions
Maintenance fees
Product life cycle
Upgrade fees
Server requirements
Hardware lifespan
Upgrade costs
Location of servers
Redundancy of servers
Data backup/restore capabilities
Software-Related Expenses
Level of service

Hardware-Related Expenses

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