Spreadsheets, clipboards and in-house LIMS systems just don’t cut it.

You need a lab information management system that “speaks” dairy and helps troubleshoot quality issues.
When it comes to accurate food safety and quality management, the stakes have never been higher for dairy processors.

Faced with ever more demanding regulatory and industry standards, dairy processors are searching for comprehensive lab information management systems (LIMS) to streamline regulatory reporting, product hold management, troubleshooting and more.

QA Studio from Dairy.com addresses these challenges, providing clients with an industry-leading software solution for maintaining quality and traceability compliance across their supply chains.

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Choose Your Configuration

QA Studio includes four separate modules: Raw, Fluid, Culture and Ice Cream. We developed these modules to accommodate the most popular products manufactured in dairy facilities. Each module incorporates the same design principles for data entry, User Interface, and program features. We’ve made it easy to customize your implementation by choosing only the modules you need for your lab and your products.
Typically, the first step for dairy processing plants is to monitor the quality of the incoming raw milk and the raw silos to make sure they meet company specifications. To make data entry easy, QA Studio uses drop down lists, defaults and the ability to scan manifest numbers and producer bar codes, if available.

QA Studio also has the ability to import results from common laboratory test equipment into the QA Studio database. All the incoming raw milk tanker and raw silo information, including manifest details, and laboratory testing results are accessible to those who need the information. Reports and graphs can be easily generated and emailed to suppliers. QA Studio can simplify communication which may ultimately improve the quality on the incoming raw milk.

High quality products begin with monitoring fluid milk and ensuring that company specifications are met. QA Studio is set up in a convenient location for laboratory technicians to enter or scan samples into the program. Laboratory test equipment with common interface capabilities can be tied into QA Studio. This makes entering results fast and accurate. There also built-in features to help with data entry accuracy (e.g., checking product code dates against the expected code date). In addition, the system flags weights entered outside of a certain range.
The Culture program contains fields pertinent to culture packaging and tests performed on culture products through the process.
Ice Cream
The Ice Cream program contains data fields pertinent to ice cream packaging and tests performed on ice cream through the process.

Out of the box, QA Studio handles traceability best practices outlined in the ‘Guidance for Dairy Product Enhanced Traceability’ standard. As we’ve seen, plant shutdowns can cost millions of dollars. The best way for plants to avoid a shutdown–not to mention a recall–is to have the right technology and right processes in place.

Craig Nelson

Food Automation, LLC

Top reasons to use QA Studio

Specific modules address specific dairy concerns
QA Studio is specialized for the dairy industry, focusing on raw milk, fluid milk, cultured and ice cream products.

“Out of the box” integration with your testing hardware
QA Studio can import test result data from most lab machines, including 3M, Charm, FOSS, Hanna, Tempo, and more.

Built in the lab, for the lab
Using input from real dairy production facilities, this solution was designed to make your Quality Assurance work more efficient and effective.

Each QA Studio module complies with current dairy industry initiatives for food traceability.

Reporting flexibility
Hundreds of reports within QA Studio and flexible parameters provide countless ways to view data.

Modular design
Customize QA Studio with the modules needed for your lab and products. Modules can be combined to provide plant-wide quality and traceability solutions for bottling plants, ice cream manufacturers, cultured product manufacturers, and more.

Robust data security
QA Studio puts Quality Assurance managers in complete control. User access can be configured by module, screen, report, date range and function. Data changes may be logged or restricted.

Data evaluation made easy
QA Studio helps manage and format large amounts of varied data. “Out of Spec” data as well as trends in production and quality are easily identified. QA Studio empowers plants to track down operational issues on a daily basis.

Features Datasheet
Learn how QA Studio transforms troubleshooting, reinvents reporting, and delivers an unbeatable user experience.

There are a lot of ways QA Studio has helped us. It has not only saved us time querying or organizing data, I think it has also helped improve our culture (methodology or initial thought process) of how we troubleshoot.

Andrew Soehnlen

Special Projects Manager, Superior Dairy

QA Studio is very easy to use, and we are able to pull data for months back. The program has different channels that help us with fluid and raw milk losses and where we should be looking to find the loss. We also use it for traceability purposes, and we pull data from our farms to determine the quality of raw milk coming in. We also use the program for our shelf life and micro
testing results. The support is great. I would recommend to everyone who is dealing with food products to get this program for their plant.

Joe Anaya

QA Manager, Producers Dairy

The variety of options, field requirements and customizable displays lets you make QA Studio your own, while easy-to-create graphs and charts are the perfect way to crunch and display data. It’s also nice to have knowledgeable, easily accessible customer service people who update the software to meet your needs. QA Studio has been everything we needed and more.
Erick Ude

Quality Assurance Supervisor, Anderson Erickson Dairy