Complex supply chains. Dynamic markets. Tight margins. Demanding customers. Critical deadlines. Scheduling provides insight and control for a tricky, immensely important process.

By connecting production facilities, trading partners, and haulers through the secure, web-based platform, procurement and marketing teams can optimize, communicate and make adjustments in real-time. supports the following commodities for scheduling:

  • Cream
  • Buttermilk (fluid, dry)
  • Condensed Skim
  • Transportation
  • Nonfat Dry Milk
  • Whey (fluid, dry)
  • WPC (fluid, dry) Scheduling puts you back in control, providing true visibility and collaboration across your supply chain.

Easy to Use

Everything you need to optimize schedules and manage procurement is at your fingertips in a user-friendly environment.

Automatic Schedule Updates

Schedule changes instantly trigger emails or faxes to all involved parties, updating their schedules.


Robust Security Features

Access rules ensure that each plant, trading partner, and hauler sees only the loads they are supposed to see.


Time-Saving Technology

Assign multiple loads in seconds, instantly notifying plants and trading partners of your decisions and alerting your haulers with pick-up and delivery times.


Automated Hauler Communications

Haulers confirm loads and negotiate pick-up and delivery times on-line, giving you real-time load status that is completely integrated within your scheduling view.

Improved Operational Control

Rise above the daily tasks involved with routine scheduling and make your company’s supply chain more responsive, more efficient, and more profitable.


Integrated with's Trading, Transportation

Seamlessly move excess supply or unfilled demand to the Spot Market. Quickly pursue trading opportunities or weigh the economic benefits of scheduling a load internally against available external posts.

Streamline Routine Procedures

“Auto-post” logic instantly finds the correct contract carrier for each load, alerts them to pick-up and delivery times, and updates your schedule with their load-acceptance status. Exchange Flip Book

Everything you need to know about the Exchange suite in about 5 minutes. Available now for instant download.

Take Control of Dairy Commodity Scheduling

Manage your dairy supply chain with today’s leading technology.