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Whether looking to buy or sell, schedule transportation or monitor movement, the Dairy.com exchange offers liquidity, transparency and immediacy.

Now Auto-Settling: Condensed Skim

Condensed skim joins cream on the roster of products auto-settled by the Dairy.com platform. Auto-settlement allows market participants to efficiently handle the routine and time-consuming process of settling load weights and tests. The auto-settle feature completes transactions within user-established tolerances and identifies the exceptions that need a manual touch. Historical settlement data is also available for easy consumption and analysis.

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Marketing, matching and moving cream and other dairy bulk intermediates in just a few mouse clicks.


Dairy.com gives people who procure and market fluid dairy products a powerful tool to gain visibility and control over complex dairy supply chains—connecting plants, trading partners, and haulers. With Dairy.com, schedules can be optimized, communicated and adjusted in real-time.
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Spot Markets

Dairy commodities are bulky and perishable. Supply and demand change constantly. So fast and well-informed trading is mission critical. Tap into our Spot Markets to gain nationwide load visibility at the exact moment you need to trade a dairy commodity or book transportation.
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Transportation Management

The Dairy.com transportation exchange uncovers backhaul opportunities, instantly posting loads, notifying hundreds of haulers who can respond with offers. Shippers often realize savings of 15-50%, and haulers convert empty miles to incremental revenue.
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Dairy.com has benefited us by exposing us to new trading partners and contract opportunities. We have seen a positive impact on our business from Dairy.com.

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The Dairy.com Exchange: Established 2002.
Over 13 years, 12,000,000,000+ pounds moved.

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