Helping dairy plants improve intake in the bay and beyond

Dairy supply chain and market intelligence leader today announced the addition of Truck Turnaround Optimization (TTO) to its transportation consulting lineup.

This new offering helps clients improve performance in their raw milk receiving processes. Using benchmarking and analysis, pinpoints opportunities for improvement in throughput time, capacity and cost.

Truck Turnaround Optimization grew out of’s efforts to help the industry manage and reduce transportation costs. Within the dairy industry, freight rates generally include the cost of excess time spent at dairy plants during a milk delivery as well as the costs of assets employed (trucks, drivers, drop trailers, and so forth). These costs can amount to hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars for some dairy plant locations. An extensive industry benchmarking project conducted by revealed that some plants can receive milk in one-third of the time and cost of other locations, including plant labor, capital and hauler-side costs. This analysis produced best practices around infrastructure, staffing, receiving roles and processes, which can help clients improve truck turnaround time and reduce costs.

Truck Turnaround Optimization involves spending a day or two onsite, mapping plant infrastructure, observing staffing and processes, and tracking trucks through the receiving process. This data enables to perform cost, time and process benchmarking that highlights improvement opportunities. The TTO process has consistently generated high-return recommendations, including reductions in plant time and costs, hauling costs and Uniform Receiving Credit capture—changes that mutually benefit both the plant and supplier. In addition to assessments of existing receiving operations, TTO capabilities enable consultants to assist clients in the optimal design of new receiving facilities.

For more information on Truck Turnaround Optimization, contact at 800-761-8296 or visit Transportation Consulting.

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