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Part 1: US Farm Structure and Processing Basics

This kickoff session covers US dairy farm structures, trends and milk processing basics. Topics include: milk production and farm economics.

Watch Now  |  42min. 

Part 2: Milk Marketing and Processing Basics

In this second installment, you’re guided through the magic that happens in dairy plants coast to coast, as manufacturers convert wholesome farm milk into an array of finished dairy products and ingredients.

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Part 3: US Dairy Policy

Part three leads you on a lively trek through the complexities and nuance of US milk pricing and dairy policy. Topics include: a quick history, commodity markets and milk pricing, milk utilization and pooling and how dollars flow from processors to producers.

Watch Now  |  54min. 

Part 4: Global Dairy Supply

Join us on a tour the global dairy markets in this fourth chapter – jumping from New Zealand to France, China to Brazil. Topics include: Europe’s dairy quotas, Oceania’s global role, up and coming producers, structural supply differences and key global players.

Watch Now  |  45min. 

Part 5: Global Butter/Powder Demand and Trade

Continue the trip around the globe, sampling dairy products and reviewing how they fit in the global marketplace. Topics include: whole milk powder as global dairy currency and storable commodities like butterfat and skim milk powder.

Watch Now  |  1hr. 

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Part 6: US Dairy Policy and Risk Management Basics
Watch Now | 58min.

Part 7: Dairy Risk Management – Continued
Watch Now  |  51min.

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