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All About Whey Protein

Whey protein has never been more popular. Consumers clamor for it. Daily. And, in many forms: from powder blends and ready-to-drink beverages to protein-enriched bars and ice cream. Innovation continues apace, with new products and applications regularly rolling off the line.

In no time flat, what was once a sleepy corner of the food world has become a multi-billion dollar business.

The team at Blimling and Associates, Inc. has been studying the whey marketplace for years. This year, for the first time, it will publish a whey protein research report that looks at:

  • Marketplace growth
  • Historical pricing trends
  • Whey feedstocks and processing techniques
  • Production yields
  • Global suppliers
  • Processing investments and production trends
  • US demand utilization and segment analysis
  • Protein substitution avenues
  • Milk costs and plant economics
  • Long-range forecasts

Flagship high-protein whey products such as WPC80 and WPI feature prominently. But the report will also examine more specialized protein offerings such as hydrolysates, protein fractions and native whey.

Whey protein consumers, producers, marketers and merchants will all benefit from better understanding today’s market dynamics as they lean on necessary insights to effectively navigate the global marketplace.

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